United States, Canada

May 3rd, 1900

Palace Hotel, San Francisco

My Beloved Angee,

I have been toiling hard all the week and the results are poor compared to the haul on my last journey which were emphatically good. Have not been feeling well either and fancy the climate has everything to do with it – was feeling so depressed this morning that I walked across to the Druggist and took a dose of Epsom salts which has relieved my head considerably, but have been a prisoner in my bedroom nearly all the day in consequence. I have wished myself home many times today for places of this kind with all their grandeur are utterly destitute of the little comfort a sick man needs. I must not however murmur for the Lord's goodness and care are very great and this so often finds me in my spirit riding on the crest of the wave, that if business happens to be a little dull my poor heart gets under. Physically however I really cannot stand the fag of travelling as I used to, especially the night work. Purpose going over to a place called San Jose tomorrow and pronounced "San Usay" a Spanish word – it is just 2 hours ride so I hope to return here again in the evening and then on Monday I start towards Vancouver which I hope to reach in about a week.

From the depot at New York I get favourable reports of the business for which I am very thankful – shall be glad when the business pays its expenses which are heavy – the charges for food at these hotels are very heavy – 4/ for a good beef steak – a cup of tea brought to my room would be 50 cents – i.e. 2/ so have to do without such a luxury. How different it all is to our plain English life. I hear all the steamers are crowded crossing the Atlantic – the people from of this land are flocking to the Paris Exhibition and will continue to do so for months to come – it will be a fine harvest for the Atlantic liners. You will be glad to hear that I have lost a stone in weight since leaving home – I think it has been chiefly since travelling across this continent. Have had to sew up my drawers and with the white shirts my clothes are very loose and will soon need taking in. I fear if I lose much more my teeth troubles have had something to do with it I think – but my legs are decidedly better than they were and would still be further relieved to lose one or two stone more.

Have not heard a word about Mr Shapland since leaving home – trust he is gaining strength again – hope the Miss Hobb's are getting on well with their house and by this time suppose it is all put in order. Henry has done wisely in furnishing his house at Ilfracombe as there will be a better chance of making something of it as a furnished dwelling. Well I will now close this note by commending you once more to the gracious care of our Father. May His love be the deepest comfort of our heart and with much love to you my dearest Angee and all our loved ones believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

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