United States, Canada

April 25th, 1900

San Diego, California

My Beloved Angee,

Thro' the Lord's goodness I had a good time in Los Angeles with the dear saints and also for my business – the merchant who gave me a good order a year since has not had anything off us since and I was a little fearful and especially as he is a large customer of H&P's that he was not going to do any more with us – my fears however were rebuked for he called and gave me another very good order and said that he should now go on regularly with them. This place is about 4 hours from Los Angeles and is as celebrated as that place for climate and is more attractive for visitors on account of being on the Pacific Ocean and having a very large and elegant hotel where I am now staying – you may judge of its capacity when you hear that they can accommodate about 800 guests – I think it is without any exception the most lovely spot I have ever seen in the world. It is a little distance from San Diego – a beautiful bay has to be crossed in a ferry and on landing there is an electric car to convey you through a beautiful avenue of palms to the Hotel – about a mile distant. The hotel is close to the ocean but has many sides – my room on the first floor has a beautiful land view. The ride down this morning was very lovely – through some of the best parts of Southern California.

Orange groves abound in thousands of acres – vines – peach trees and walnut trees and other fruits – I really did enjoy the ride very much and only wish you had been with me – well on reaching San Diego sent my bag with needful things for a night or two on to the hotel and remained in San Diego to see if I could do some business – I think without any exaggeration the place I called was as large as all the grocers shops in Barnstaple put together – I was surprised to see such a store – well I gave my card and told my story which resulted in a splendid order – the person really wanted some of our choice wafers and was quite pleased to have a call. I then started off with my samples and dropped in to a restaurant to get a meal as I was hungry having breakfasted at 7 or soon after and now it was 2, so after this I made my way to the ferry and soon reached this place where I have been resting since – there is no meeting here so I have a rest in that way too.

I am so sorry you are suffering with rheumatism in your fingers – I know what the pain is and can sympathise with you altho' I am very thankful to say that it has pretty well left my knees so that I am able to walk as well as ever I did – I wore the bandages for some time – then dropped them and now the knee caps and have left off those for a fortnight past and now only wear the two bits of red flannell[sic] which I have sewed on to the drawers.

Poor dear Prideaux! I was surprised to hear of the death of his wife – she was soon taken away – I shall send him a few words of sympathy dear fellow. Am very glad to hear that dear Muriel is getting on so nicely with her work – have not had a line from Harry as expected – I do wish he would write me and let me know how he is getting on – I hope satisfactorily. From here I return tomorrow or Friday to Los Angeles and go through to ‘Frisco where I hope to reach by Saturday morning.

The Lord preserve you and multiply His mercies to you my dearest Angee and with much love to Mildred dear Martha and your dear self believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

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