United States, Canada

April 17th, 1900


My Beloved Angee,

I reached this City just in time last Saturday to escape a terrible snow storm which commenced on Saturday night and raged with great violence all through Sunday to midday on Monday – nearly all the lines were blocked and several trains have been snowed up.

Two of the dear Brethren who knew I was coming called on Saturday evening and our pleasure at seeing one another's faces again was mutual. The Lord has been very good to them lately and there has[sic] been many additions and much blessing. On Lord's day morning when I awoke I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the snow falling but it was a fact – well I was thankful to have a good thick pair of shoes and soon after 10 I had to face the storm – I had not to walk very far to the train and reached the room all right with dry feet. I did not expect to see many but a goodly company came and the Lord gave our hearts a good time together. It was purposed to have had a reading in the afternoon but this had to be given up, but in spite of the unabated force of the storm we had a good company for the gospel in the evening. Well after a lot of waiting from the train I reached the hotel about 10 and was soon in bed and thro' mercy had a good night and was none the worse for the exposure. They have taken a larger room since my last visit – the love of the dear brethren and their kindness abounded in divine fashion. I had to face the storm again y'day morning to commence the business, but was much encouraged to find this had been prospered since my last call & our goods were highly thought of and selling freely – have been able to open a few fresh a/c's this time. I am very thankful to God for His goodness to P.F.&Co. in giving their goods favour in the eyes of the trade and the consumers and for this I have and do continually pray and give thanks too for the answers. Tonight we have another meeting at the room so that you see I do not eat much idle bread – tomorrow D.V. I go at 8.30 am to Colorado Springs about 3 hours ride – the line has been blocked during the storm but will be opened for traffic again this afternoon I hear, so that all will be in order again by the morning. I have not seen the little company there yet but am purposing to spend a night with them tomorrow evening then on Thursday I pick up the California Limited for a long ride to Los Angeles which I hope to reach by Saturday afternoon.

The paper you sent with the account of Mr Bramid's affairs came to hand – it is a sad piece of business but I hardly see how his son could have been ignorant of the matter – it will be a great loss for the town – is Herbert B. still going on or has he been made bankrupt? He must have had a large sum of money to have taken the Imperial or have had great credit. How true the word "they that will be rich fall into many foolish temptations & a snare & into many foolish & hurtful lusts which drown men in destruction & perdition". "For the love of money is the root of all evil". The Lord give us contented hearts for His worthy name's sake.

Have had a busy day and done a nice business and have a lot of work to get through this evening beside the meeting so I must close letter.

God our Father minister His love and comfort to your heart continually and with much love from myself believe me my dearest Angee.

Ever your very affectionate Husband

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