United States, Canada

April 14th, 1900


My Beloved Angee,

Your very welcome letter with dear Mildred's dated March 30 is just to hand – a few hours before my arrival here from Kansas City – this should have been received 3 or 4 days ago at Chicago, but they did not obey my orders at the New York Depot. Well my dear Angee I am very glad to hear you are well and moving about a bit and trust the Lord my continue his preserving care over you and bless you and make you a blessing. The paper is not yet to hand but will probably turn up a little later. I did not stay long at Kansas City – started right off to the work and found those I opened with on our last visit glad to see me and they spoke highly of our goods and get regular supplies from N.Y. – I opened another a/c and received a good order which cheered me – a welcome letter awaited my arrival from the dear Bro. living here saying he had invited a company to meet me in the evening, so we had a nice time over the first 3 chaps. of John's Gospel. I was struck in reading it the other day that in the first chap. all is testimony to the Lord Jesus up to the 36th verse – He has not yet spoken – but what a cluster of glories, God unveils – The Word – The Lamb of God & others, but He does not open His mouth until the two disciples who heard John say "Behold the Lamb of God" and followed Him – to these two he turns with the question – "What seek ye" – they answer "Rabbi where dwellest thou" "Come & see" and they abode with Him that day – it is the profound simplicity of it which is so striking – although He has come from Godhead's fullest glory yet in such meekness & lowliness He can put that question "What seek ye" & answer to the desires of their hearts to know where He abode and bring them there – I have often read it but it came home with fresh grace and power from Himself to my heart while reading it recently. I hope Mr Shapland continues to improve – should you see him please give my kind love to him. Am glad our Mary is comforted by her visit to the dentist and hope her health will now improve. We get all sorts of weather here – a part of the time in Chicago was quite hot – then very cold and snow – Kansas City fine – but as we neared this spot deep snow has recently fallen – from my bedroom where I am now writing there is a fine view of the beginning of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak of celebrated fame, so that I have what the Americans call a fine "location" – my room is rather small and the bed is folded up to look like a sideboard – I had a very pleasant companion from Kansas city to near Denver – a young gentleman – a school inspector, but a believer and a kindred spirit – he appears to have been helped and owned it – 25 hours is a long time to be in a Pullman car together. Was hoping this mail would have brought tidings of Harry but trust he is making satisfactory progress with his work – all being well shall endeavour to reach Los Angeles by this day week – that will be a long ride – Thursday night to Saturday midday.

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