United States, Canada

April 19th, 1900

The Alta Vista, Colorado Springs

My Beloved Angee,

I reached this lovely spot y'day morning at 11 and it was a very interesting sight to see the snow drifts along the line – the air of this place is very dry and is 6,000 feet above the sea level so that my lungs do get a variety of airs to inhale. There is only a small meeting here and I did not see any of them until last night – one lady in fellowship residing in a lovely house at the foot of the mountains had sent a message to the hotel by her brother and at 5 I went to this place and had a kind reception and a real old fashioned English high tea which I enjoyed very much – we spent a very happy evening and I got back to the hotel soon after 9 and was not long in retiring to rest – my bedroom was so cosy and inviting that I wished you were here so that we might have a few weeks in it. Thro' the Lord's goodness I did a nice business again as I did in my call a year ago and this was encouraging as you know. There is another spot – near here called Maniton[?] much frequented as a summer resort – and as I hear of a good store there I am going out to see the person this morning – I leave again at 2.30 for my long ride to Los Angeles – but hope to spend 2 hours between 5 & 7 at a place called Puebalo where I want to do some business if possible.

Am sorry you have not yet been successful with your glasses but you must try again until you are able to get a pair to suit your sight.

Since writing above I have been out to Maniton where the sulphur and soda springs are – had a good draught of the soda water – opened an a/c with the best store and had a drive (about 8 miles) back through the garden of the Gods – a wonderfully grand piece of scenery in the vicinity of Pike's Peak which looks about an hour's walk but is 10 miles distant & 8 thousand feet higher than we are here – 6 thousand – I fancy Mr Robertshaw & Eliza went through this place – weather is lovely – well my dearest Angee you will not mind my scrappy letters they are only intended for my own household. Again bless you and with much love believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

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