United States, Canada

March 29th, 1900

R.M.S. "Germanic"

My Beloved Angee,

Since writing my first letter we have passed through the experience of a violent storm which came upon us very suddenly – it lasted about 24 hours, quite long enough for the strongest nerves and far too long for some weak ones. A young man a Presbyterian minister was in a sad state of mind poor fellow and nothing would comfort him – it seemed to him that as every sea broke over the ship it would send us all to the bottom – well it was a grand and solemn time as I ever passed through but I feel well the one who said upon earth "all power is given unto me in Heaven and on earth" saw it all and Oh what a reality at such a moment for faith to look above the storm to Himself who when here could command even the wind and the sea and they obey him. You may imagine the force of the wind which was travelling at the rate of 90 miles an hour. The Captain is said to be a very careful man and would not increase the danger by forcing his ship against the storm, so for many hours the engines have slowed down and we drifted with the storm about a hundred miles out of course – some of the seas broke over the whole ship like a mountain and it was many seconds before she could relieve herself of the water which would roll off the decks and upper decks in torrents – soon after the storm broke upon us, we were all ordered off the deck and had to remain below. This has delayed our arrival in New York a day, but we are now getting near and expect D.V. to reach there in the morning Friday soon after daylight. Have not had much spiritual comfort with my cabin companion the bishop – I don't think he knows much about grace with all his intellectual and scholarly attainments – it rather distresses my spirit to hear him speak of Jesus, always omitting Lord – however I trust he may think about some things he has heard from his cabin companion.

I shall send the cable as early as possible in the morning – but it will probably be midday or later before it reaches you – five hours difference in time so that if sent at 9am you would get it at 2pm. Have enjoyed the voyage altogether so that I can send the word "well" conveying all that is good. And now my beloved Angee will close this letter with every good wish for your health spiritually and physically and with much love believe me ever.

Your very affectionate Husband

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