United States, Canada

March 27th, 1900

R.M.S. Germanic, Atlantic Ocean

My Beloved Angee,

This is Tuesday and D.V. we hope to land in New York on Thursday so that we are getting on well through the voyage which so far has been simply delightful – smooth sea all the way and this is no small factor in the comfort and it has not been very cold and generally fine. My cabin companion and I have got on very nicely together altho' he does not love to speak of the word as my coloured bishop on my last voyage – I notice some things which make me a little fearful – he never speaks of Jesus as Lord and when I quote scriptures he generally comes down upon me with his Hebrew & Greek and does not appear to like anything to pass without his scholarly correction.

One of his corrections was in the 2nd of Hebrews – "Made a little lower than the angels" – rightly translated so he said should read – "made a little inferior to God" which I could not receive. The missionary with him from the Congo is more simple and I have had some nice talks with him.

We have no second class on board[1] – the saloon and the steerage and there is no intercourse allowed so that I was not able to get a word on Lord's day as I desired – many of them do not know English but there were several Scandanavians[sic] and Norwegians who would have understood me – I have greatly enjoyed the rest and quietness and readings and meditation – indeed have never had a more comfortable voyage in a better cabin.

I have written to Harry Shapland acknowledging the kindness that led him to send me the little parcel of books and lest he should think my receiving them would indicate that I was on the road to receiving the new teaching, I have told him in few word[s] that my abhorrence of F.S.R.'s errors are greater than ever, so that I could not receive the written ministry of those who had adopted his errors, however much truth may be mixed up with them. "Hold fast that which is good" – Trust the Lord has kept your heart and mind in peace my dearest Angee and that He will continue this mercy to us especially during the little moment we are separated. Trust dear Mildred will be a real comfort to you also Mary.

Now with much love believe me my beloved wife ever.

Being your affectionate Husband


[1] Edward Petter is correct here, the S.S. Germanic could carry about 200 1st class passengers and 1,500 3rd class (steerage) passengers - see further here.

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