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October 17th, 1899


For a change we have a fine morning with every prospect of a bright day and a hot one too, but if the air is dry the heat does not oppress so much. Y'day was really a dreadful day. I came back to the hotel about 1 simply drenched - the water was running off my shirt down my legs – not a very comfortable situation – of course I had to change everything and after lunch I kept to my room and took off all my clothing again and did not go outside my door until the evening. The scene from my bedroom is grand – there is about a mile of green lawn running along the side of the beach where the waves from the Indian Ocean are breaking with their roar night and day.

If it was only cooler it would be most enjoyable but as it is I would not live in it for the world's wealth – have had enough of the tropics and never wish to see them again. I do wish they had not stopped me here as I fear I shall not be able to do much good – shall have to wait another week before my vessel arrives from Australia – the P&O "Rome" and shall be thankful enough when the time comes, although I shall have to endure another fortnight of hot weather before reaching the Mediterranean.

The Captain of the Arcadia was a dear man – a believer with Mr Chapman's people and a bright man he is  - very white – some of the passengers said he looked ten years my senior but I am four years his senior. He is called Loggan from Northam Nr Westward Ho! and was educated at Snow's School in vicarage Barnstaple – he was very kind and was sorry I had to leave the ship at Colombo. He knows Mr Huntington Stone very well.

The dear man was telling me his troubles one day – it appears he had a brother a solicitor somewhere in the South of England to whom he used to send his savings for investment in mortgage at 4 percent – he had the greatest confidence in him and had raised quite a nice little sum – his brother fell sick and died and it then transpired that he was in difficulties and every farthing of his brother's money was gone. You can imagine what a trial it was to the poor man and his wife, but the Lord wonderfully supported them in it so that they were not overwhelmed by the loss.

There is a mail out tomorrow so I shall add a few lines more before closing this. Am hoping to get yours up from Australia by the same boat.

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