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October 18th, 1899

Tomorrow is mail day but I will finish this letter before that as I shall be busy then – well here I am still battling with wet clothes and body as if in a continuous Turkish bath – I do think it has done good in one way that the Rheumatism is all gone from my knees – only trust it will not return again – I have no covering on my body at night and sleep with my windows wide open in front of the sea – my bed is very large and is protected by mosquito curtains all round a squall of rain and wind comes and blows my curtains half way through the bed, so that I am obliged then to turn out and close my windows until it has moderated.

God in His mercy has answered my prayer in one special thing here – there is one large firm in Ceylon who have hitherto refused to keep any other than H&P's. I dropped in quietly a few days ago to buy a sponge and while this was being wrapped for me, I looked very steadfastly on some piles of H&P's biscuits which attracted the notice of a gentleman passing through the store who enquired if I was being served – I told him I was being attended too but was interested in the tins of biscuits and enquired if they were Peek, Frean&Co.'s. "No Sir, we only stock Huntley's" to which I replied that I was sorry that none of Peek Frean's were among them and told him who I was. In a very kind way he invited me to his office and we had a nice chat – this was the manager. The next day I took up a lot of samples for one of the Directors to see and it has resulted in my getting a splendid order and as the goods are wanted for Xmas I have cabled the order which has cost £7.12.0. Mr Deane was here only a month ago and they refused to buy of him. We are having many people calling at a sample room I have taken temporarily and expect there will be some business done here too by Mr Lover.

Now that the principal firm has opened there will be no difficulty to get others so I am thankful that my visit here for a fortnight will be the means in the mercy of God of opening up the Island for Peek, Frean & Co. but I am greatly desiring to get home and D.V. shall not be many days after this letter. The water is rolling off my body as I am writing trickle trickle. You probably are ordering some of your ladies in waiting to put a little more coals on the fire.

Well once more with fondest love to you my dearly beloved wife and kindest love to all our dear ones believe me ever your affectionate Husband

God even our Father abundantly bless and sustain you.

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