United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

October 14th, 1899

Colombo, Lord's day

My Beloved Angee,

I have escaped India I have not escaped what was most dreaded belonging to it and that is the climate. No one can tell what it is but those who are in it night and day. The heat is bad enough but the damp is the real cause of the physical depression. Since landing there has not been many hours together without rain so that there is no chance for anything to dry. Well I will not dwell upon it but trust in the mercy of God that His good hand may preserve me through it all and soon bring me back to you my dearly beloved wife. Mr Lover – the person I have to do with especially in business is with open brethren who are rather numerous in Colombo – he asked me to come to the breaking of bread this morning but this could not be. Mr & Mrs Lover and about 30 others from Australia & New Zealand passed through here a few weeks ago on their way to Bombay – at Wellington where it was rather cold she seemed like one being smothered under all the doors and windows were wide open – her bones are more thickly covered than my own and I used to think of her in a Poonah climate and how she would stand it. Mr Lowe tells me she felt the heat very much when here and she will feel it a little a little more in India. I feel sure they have made an error in this move, but time will show.

Mr Lover's house is open for all the missionaries as they come to and fro – both he and his wife are from the neighbourhood of Exeter and have been residing here for over 30 years. He went to London last year taking charge of a Xtian lady who had lost her reason and saw Mr Stone during his stay. The business project then discussed is the occasion of my being stopped here. I would have been thankful to have escaped the responsibility of advising them but I look to God to give me all the wisdom needed. The American business is prospering and they have an idea that a concern of the same kind might be started here but the conditions of life are as opposite as could be and the manners and customs of the people. I was glad to hear from Sarl a few weeks ago that P.F.Co. had given young Fitch who was in charge of our New York depot a few weeks holiday that he might go home and see his parents – he is a nice young fellow whose Father was a customer of mine at Deal in the early days. The lad has improved very much – I got him his berth in the office as a junior. Both Sarl and this young man wrote me nice letters in Australia. I am very thankful the American business is getting on its legs. I have prayed much about it and can now give thanks and continue in prayer.

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