United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

July 10th, 1899

The letters expected from you on Saturday night were delivered this (Monday) morning and had been detained because of being insufficiently stamped – 1d each instead of 2½d – they are dated May 25 and June 1 – both bearing the Auckland post mark July 4 – I need hardly say they were both very welcome but I am sorry to hear that it gives you so much pain in your fingers to write them – I was very glad to hear that you were down with Mrs Hobbs again and if you feel so much better there would advise you to go down more frequently – very sorry to hear Bessie has lost her voice and trust restoring remedies may be found for her in the Lord's tender mercy and compassion. Am thankful you have seen poor Nellie Page and that she was able to unburden her heart to you which is some relief – it is a heavy burden for her to carry and do trust she may have comfort in her children. I wrote a few lines to Mildred yesterday and will do so to Daisy – dear children I do not forget them but pray for them daily. It is very kind of Mr Shapland to offer Mildred a home for her service to the little boy, but am glad for what you say about it – not only for your sake but for her own sake too am thankful her friends in Bristols thought she was looking so much better – our roof must be her shelter for the present. You must have had quite a batch of my letters from California but fear you will have to wait for the one posted at Honolulo and longer still for those posted in Auckland, but the time is nearly due when those from Auckland should be delivered – posted there on June 13 due in London July 15 or 16 – i.e. in a few days now. Very sorry to hear poor Robert Stephens breaking down again and the sorrow it would give his dear mother.

So Emma has had a taste of letting her rooms – hope she will be encouraged & helped – suppose Angie will be quite proud of her £20 a year which if I mistake not begins about this time. We have had a wet wintry day again but I have been plodding away with the work and getting some fish in the basket as usual through the Lord's continued mercy and goodness – I have very comfortable rooms ensuite and I should like you just to have a peep in to see my sitting room and bedroom adjoining – abundant evidences of the good shepherd's care as dear Martha used to say.

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