United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

July 9th, 1899


My Beloved Angee,

This Lord's day and as there is no gathering here I have had a day of rest in every way. It is real Winter outside – hail, rain and cold so that inside comforts have been fully appreciated.

I was disappointed last night on delivery of the English mail via San Francisco to find there were none from your dear self so wait a little longer as if not specially addressed via Frisco they may [have] gone by the other route via Italy which is a longer route. The Frisco mail is only once a month but in Australia they get a good mail from London every week in a little over 30 days. You will probably address me to P.O. Auckland to the first week in June after that to Melbourne or the letters I was expecting now to be directed from Auckland may have been sent to Melbourne – if so I shall soon get them now. D.V. I hope to leave N.Z. by the next steamer on the 17th for Hobart and a few days will do for me in Tasmania so that I shall expect to reach Melbourne sometime near the end of July.

The Lord gave us a time of much refreshing at Christchurch and some distinct blessing. I did not mention to you in my last letter that at the close of the preaching last Tuesday evening – the Hall being very full – while I was giving out the last hymn there was a sharp shock of an earthquake which made all the windows rattle and the subterranean noise was like thunder. I was standing on a platform with a small desk before me and for a second or two I did not realise what it was and felt as if my legs were giving way but soon realised what it was and went on reading the hymn "Jesus the name I love so well" in one of the gospel hymnals – I feared a panic among the people but only one female went out, but the circumstance was used of God to solemnise every heart and we had an after prayer meeting.

I had just been speaking of the Philippian Jailor. The people in N.Z. are accustomed to these shocks hence their quietness but if it had happened in England I expect the congregation would not have kept so still.

I do trust you will have been strengthened by your visit to Ilfracombe and Martha too – I should go down frequently if I were you as it agrees with you so well and the Miss Hobbs know just what you require. Are you getting any visitors there this Summer – I fear it is weak spiritually – The Lord above can bring strength unto it and make it a brighter witness for Himself.

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