United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

July 11th, 1899

My time is drawing to a close in this city so I must begin to get ready for the next mail via Vancouver due in London Aug 24. It is interesting sometimes to track the route of a letter from one side of this globe to the other. This will go first to Auckland then Fiji where it meets the regular mail boat to Honolulo and Vancouver – then across the C.P.R. to Montreal and New York, Queenstown and London. There is another mail 2 days after via Australia and Suez reaching London the 29th August -  I have done a fairly good business here but nothing like the other places – it is not that they are not as well off as in other places but they will not gratify their mouths with biscuits costing them 1/6 or 2/. For [?] when they can buy a biscuit for 2 or 2½d.

The population are nearly at scotch[sic] in Dunedin and the extreme South who well know the merits of porridge and the price thereof. Today has been the first day we have had since my arrival that it has not been wet – their streets are very dirty and I have been very thankful to bring out my thick shoes which have been a comfort to me as in these I walk right through it without attempting to find a clean place – a most difficult talk just now. The cool weather however just suits me and I am able to walk about in comfort.

I have written Daisy a note which I have enclosed in yours as I thought it just possible she may be down for a holiday. Glad to hear Miss Brittan is kind and attentive to your wants – you must have missed your helps at Ilfracombe. Well I must now close up once more – D.V. my next will be from Tasmania I expect. Please give my kind love to Mr & Mrs Shapland when you next see them and to the Miss Hobb's – also to Eunice and Eliza (those who are nearest generally come last). Dear Martha too and Miss Brittan and Mary and now for yourself my dearly loved wife always a special portion and believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband.

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