United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

April 30th, 1899

The Brown Palace Hotel, Denver. Colorado. Lord's Day afternoon

My Beloved Angee,

You will see from the above that I have reached Denver, so am getting on my journey across this vast continent – I wrote you last from Kansas City just before going out some 6 or 7 miles to take tea with a brother who had invited his neighbours in for a scripture reading in the evening. For an hour or two it seemed that this would not be possible because of a storm which was brewing all around the city. You will have heard of a terrible tornado which carried death and destruction to many – well it was near this place and we felt a little of it. It was very appalling for a time – the appearance of the heavens was remarkable and as soon as the thunder and lightning began the downpour of water was like rivers – however it did not last long and not caring to disappoint the brother I got to the car and was soon at his house where the sun was shining and the country all around looking the fresher for the rain. Mr Griffith, the brother overtook me while walking to his house. The eldest of their family a dear little boy about 7 has been sent around in the afternoon just before the storm to invite the neighbours and we wondered while at tea or supper as they call it here whether any would come – hopes and fears were soon set at rest – the Lord had evidently blessed the simple invitation from the lips of the child and Mr Griffith and his wife were more than surprised to see their house filling with people many of whom they had never spoken to before – it was deeply interesting I assure you – the two rooms in the basement were soon filled – then their hall – then the people sat on the stairs. Well the Lord who had brought the open mouths we felt should fill them – I was led to the simple gospel which went home to many hearts in much blessing. They were well to do people and were thankful for being invited and for what they heard. To God be all the glory. My lad came out for me at 9.30 to see me safely home. The next morning I left for this City but had to wait nearly 4 hours at the Depot as the train was late – the distance to this place was between 7 & 800 miles & during the night we had run out of the hot weather into very cold and snow fell at Denver in the morning of the day we arrived. The dear Brethren were  surprised and glad to see me again this morning and it was a great comfort to see the increase the Lord had brought in since my recent visit – I hope to leave here on Tuesday for Los Angeles in California where we should reach on Thursday mid-day – two nights in a sleeping car. Well I suppose all these little incidents of my travel will have some interest to you – the Lord is good and knows how to encourage our poor hearts when they are cast down – Trust you prove His sufficiency too my beloved Angee – If everything here passes away, he has given us what is abiding, ever His Word. The Word of the Lord endureth for ever and this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you. May He comfort your heart with this the best of all that his grace can bestow – much love, also to dear Mildred and all our loved ones and believe me my dearest Angee ever your very affectionate Husband.

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