United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

April 27th, 1899

The Midland, Kansas City

My Beloved Angee,

I reached the above y'day morning about 10 from Chicago and your welcome letter of April 14th which must have been on the same train was delivered about one hour after. The weather is very warm here – quite tropical and so I am in the midst of wet clothes troubles again – my collars lose all their stiffening in about an hour – we have had a little rain this morning but it has not cooled the air much – was very glad to have my very thin blue suit made in New Orleans last year and I trembled in putting it on this morning lest it should be too small but was agreeably surprised to find the coat which was very tight around the waist was now quite easy and comfortable. Have done some business here as well [as] at Chicago and this is always a comfort to my mind as you know. I visited this City on my first visit round the world.

Tell Mildred I am always glad to see a note from her. There is a nice brother here with whom I take tea this afternoon and a few are coming for a reading after. The cable car goes pretty close to his door so I shall not have far to walk. My young man is coming for me in the evening to pilot me home – he tells me it is his gymnasium night but he will leave early – I guess I had not better pay him until the end of the day or he may forget me. For a little while we shall not be able to hear from each other so frequently, but I do trust the Lord may keep your heart and mind in peace and now my beloved wife I commend you to our gracious Father and pray that He may bless you day by day and make you a blessing to others – much love to dear Mildred and all dear friends and to your own dear self and believe me ever.

Your very affectionate Husband

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