United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

April 23rd, 1899

Palmer's House, Chicago. Lord's day afternoon.

My Beloved Angee,

I reached this City last night – 10 hours ride by express from London, Canada – it was a beautiful day and the carriage or parlour car as they call it was not overheated so that it was as comfortable as travelling can be in itself. Through mercy my throat is better again and I am in my usual health – letters awaiting me here from Mr Sarl and from Mr Fitch in New York are very encouraging in a business point of view and there is every appearance of P.F.&Co.'s business becoming very good in this country once more. I have done fairly well in Canada and shall push on to the coast now with all the speed possible. Another month will have closed by the time this reaches you – it seems to have passed very quickly to me.

Was thankful this morning for the mercy of our God who had set apart one day out of the seven for rest from the daily turmoil and to give our souls such a centre of rest as He has given us in revealing Himself in flesh & blood.

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