United States, Canada

November 12th, 1898

The Tacoma, Tacoma, Washington. November

I must now conclude this letter in order for it to reach New York by next Friday for the out going mail on Saturday. The best firm in Seattle gave me a nice order for P.F. and I came on to this city by what they call "The Flyer" last night – a very fast steamer making the trip of nearly 40 miles in less than 2 hours, so it is well-named. Before leaving Seattle and while I was having my tea a messenger came saying that someone was speaking on the long distance telephone from Tecoma asking for me – I thought it must be a mistake as I knew no one here but on going to the phone , I found a brother called Donald with a salutation and reminding me that we had once met at St John New Brunswick 11 or 12 years ago and he had heard from a brother in Vancouver that I was going to Tecoma and when might he expect me – his voice sounded as clear as if he had been speaking close to my ear although there was 40 miles between us. Soon after I had reached my hotel he and his wife who seems a nice lady called and we had a nice talk together and a little supper – he has been living in San Francisco for many years engaged by a firm who operate largely in wheat along the Pacific Coast and just recently he has been sent here and may remain for some time. He has become acquainted with a number of the Lord's people here and has arranged for meetings tonight and tomorrow afternoon and evening – there is no gathering here, but many who are dissatisfied where they are in the various sects. Have been out to see the leading merchant who has promised to call and see my samples this afternoon.

D.V. on Monday I go on to Portland and then shall not be long in getting to Frisco and from that point my face will be turned toward home once more which I shall hope to reach by about the middle of December.

The Lord bless you my darling Angee and with much love to your dear self and all our loved ones believe me ever your affectionate Husband.

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