United States, Canada

November 10th, 1898

Rainier Grand Hotel, Seattle, Washington.

My Beloved Angee,

I expect my letters will arrive not exactly in the bi-weekly order they were delivered in during the first part of the journey but never mind if they tumble one on the top of the other so long as they find their way home. I hardly expect to get away from Victoria this morning but my customers were very kind to me yesterday and helped me in getting through with my work – was busy up to 6.30 and then went to a brother's house for a reading – he had invited several neighbours and we spent a very happy time together over Psalm 19 – got back to the hotel at 9 and then took my cocoa samples and called on a dealer who gave me a nice order, so it was between 10 & 11 when I had finished. Rose this morning at 6 breakfast at 7 and got on board the steamer at 8 for this city. Met a dear old pilgrim on board with whom I had a nice conversation – he was about 8 years my senior – there was also a lady with four daughters on board – residing at Winnipeg, on their way to California to spend the Winter – one of the daughters is a widow with a little boy of about 18 months old – another daughter is gone without her husband and there are two unmarried. I met them first at the Vancouver Hotel where they sat at the same table with me and one of the daughters knew singularly enough. During my stay at Winnipeg last year I went on a Lord's day afternoon to the house of a Dr Dape – an architect who with his family are in fellowship – Miss Dape had invited this young lady to the reading so she told her mother and sisters that she had met me without speaking to me then but on our way to Victoria on board the same steamer she spoke to me so we were at home at once – they seem a nice family and it was very happy to get such a link with them. I may run against them again at San Francisco. I did a splendid business in Victoria y'day even more than I had done in Vancouver. This place (Seattle) is a very busy place and all alive with Klondike business – such a change from Victoria which is quiet and respectable -  it seemed a very Babel at the Wharf this afternoon on landing but I have got into quiet quarters at the hotel.

It is now 9 o'Clock and I am retiring early to make up for a short night last night so good night my beloved.

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