United States, Canada

October 31st, 1898

Manitoba Hotel, Winnipeg. Monday

My Beloved Angee,

I shall have to wait until the end of the week for your letter arriving in New York last Saturday – cannot leave here until tomorrow Tuesday evening reaching Vancouver on Friday evening – I find these long railway journeys rather trying but must bear them a little longer – just fancy I have nearly six thousand more to get over before I reach New York. I met some of the dear brethren here last Saturday and Friday evening and was thankful and glad to meet our dear brother Mr Heaney one of the very few of the Lord's labourers in this part of the world – I had not seen him since my first visit to Canada about 12 years ago so that it was a mutual cheer. The Lord has truly blessed his labours not only in conversions but in building up the saints who are deeply attached to him and esteem him very highly in love for his works sake – He has not been in good health for some time and looks as if he needed 6 or 12 months entire rest – there is some special affection indicating an overworked brain. We had a most blessed time y'day both at the breaking of bread in Remembrance of the Lord and in the gospel – many loving invitations for the afternoon but I had to say no to them all as I felt the need of rest. I wanted Heaney to take the gospel but he would not, so I took it – we had the room full and the Lord helped me to speak of Isaiah 45 – a just God and a Saviour – we trust blessing was given to some who were present.

There is a report of a serious rail accident this morning on the C.P.R. – the train was carrying a lot of soldiers across the Continent from Halifax to Vancouver – it is difficult to get the truth as the Railway Co. control the wires and will not let the details go abroad if they can help it.[1] The accident was not very far from Winnipeg.

November 1

The telegrams from England make me wish to be home – God in mercy be pleased to avert the horrors of war from our land and give his people to be humbled before Him – it is painful to contemplate the seriousness of England's position among the nations who all seem only waiting an opportunity of attacking her, but God is over all. Have been waiting here to see one man since my arrival – he promised to come y'day but was hindered – so I have not done any business yet – shall leave tonight for the coast and have brought my ticket through to New York – shall hardly reach San Francisco until the end of November and shall make only a few stops in crossing the continent so as to be able to leave N.Y. not later than the 8th or 10th of December. The Lord keep our hearts in His peace – we are in His hand and we know what he is doing and is going to do for us. The nations prepare for War, but He is gone to prepare a place for us and will come again to receive us to Himself that where He is there we may be also – He has promised to keep us from the great tribulation which is coming so that now we can rest in Him – then we shall rest with Him.

The Lord keep your heart and mind stayed upon Himself and with much love to your dear self and all our loved ones believe me my darling Angee.

Ever your very affectionate Husband


[1] See further these contemporary Newspaper reports.

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