United States, Canada

November 14th, 1898

The Portland, Portland, Oregon

My Beloved Angee,

Arrived here from Tecoma this afternoon and found my mail from New York awaiting me with your dear letter always welcome and one from Mr Shapland and Annie Petter. Very thankful to hear that your cough is nearly gone and that you are able to get good rest at night which is a great mercy. Thankful to read dear Olive's letter – dear child - God be gracious to her and bless her in every way – glad also to hear dear Nellie and the baby are well. I can hardly realise that my time is getting so short as I am yet a long way from home and if I commenced the journey homeward tomorrow it would occupy the rest of the month to reach England. My calls at the stopping places will take a fortnight and then it will needful to be very expeditious to get through it in that time. We had a nice time at Tecoma where a brother and his wife have recently gone to reside – he had arranged for a reading at his house on Saturday night where some Xtians he had become acquainted with came. Y'day Lord's day morning 4 of us broke bread in remembrance of the Lord and one is made to feel that this is a great privilege. In the afternoon we had a nice company again for a reading and in the evening our brother had arranged that I should preach the gospel at a mission room at 8 o'Clock – the place was full – several ministers from the chapels and churches were present – the Lord helped me to speak from Isaiah 45 – a just God and a saviour and we felt that the word was accompanied by the Spirit's power. Several of the ministers rose after and acknowledged that God had blessed His Word to their own souls. It was a real time and it was near 10 before the people left the room – Mr & RMs Donald walked to near my hotel and we had to say adieu at 6.30 in the morning which involved my getting up soon after 5 – rather early after a Lord's day exercise, but through mercy I felt well and was able to eat some breakfast before starting. I was not long in falling into a sound sleep soon after I entered the Parlour car. The scenery of this land is very grand – at Tecoma I occupied a part suite of rooms and in the landscape across the river was a beautiful snow clad mountain which did not seem further away than the Hangman's Hill from Combmartin but on enquiring the distance found it was over 50 miles away and was fourteen thousand feet high. In travelling along the beautiful Columbia River this morning – the weather being very clear we could see 3 more snow-capped mountains which are one of the great attractions of this City and neighbourhood. Singularly enough y'day I met Mr Davies of Honolulo again at the Tecoma Hotel with his young wife – they are now returning to Honolulo and were going up to Victoria, BB last night by a steamer to take the next Australian mail boat calling at the Sandwich Islands – I sent them a tin of very choice biscuits which they were both well pleased to receive. Had encouragement at Tecoma in the business too and an calling upon the leading firm of this city (Portland) soon after my arrival, to my surprise he put on his hat and came straight away to the hotel with me and gave me a nice little order.

Am thankful for a quiet evening and shall so get to rest. Am glad you enjoyed to get to the meeting before you left Ilfracombe. The Lord's love is ever the same our folly sometimes hinders our enjoyment blessed be His Holy Name. And now my darling wife I commend you once more to His care and with much love to your dear self and all our loved ones believe me ever.

Your very affectionate Husband

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