United States, Canada

September 15th, 1898

St John, New Brunswick

My Beloved Angee,

Mail day has come around and brings its usual work – I have been so busy that I have not time to get my business letter written which must wait for the Wednesday's mail. The voyage from Portland to this place was very pleasant and there were some nice people on board I got some talk with. We reached here about 6 am Tuesday evening and on reaching the hotel found it full – a local exhibition was going on which had brought hundreds into the place. The next hotel I tried was also full except one very small room with a bed about half large enough for my body – this was no good and was not a pleasant situation for me to find all the hotels full – the manager however suggested that I might try Carwill Hall a high class boarding house so we drove to this mansion where I found the Lord's goodness and mercy had a splendid room ready for me – a widow lady called Gillespie with her two daughters gave me a fine reception and of course I could see it was a first class concern. They have about 20 regular boarders – Bank Clerks and a few lawyers. The table is plain but everything of the best and I could not be more comfortable and after two days, the company at the table and I get on very happily together. My business has been prospered too – have two splendid orders from P.F.&Co. and have sold each of these firms a nice lot of Rowntree stuff and I expect also a good line for my Leeds firm.

So you see I am in full swing with the work. Last night I was glad to meet the saints at their usual reading and we are coming together again tonight as they desired it – one of the leading brothers will call for me at 5.30 this afternoon and accompany him to his house to tea. They press my staying over Lord's day but if my work is finished by tomorrow evening my purpose is to move on to Halifax on Saturday. The weather is fine and not too hot which is very pleasant for walking and moving about. I should like you to see my room – it is large with windows on two sides a dressing table and glass and a small wash stand is the only indication of its being a bedroom – the bed is folded up and the appearance given is a draped mantelpiece – next door there is a nice bath room & c. – I wish I could find such a place in every city I visited especially if needing to stay many days.

Well you will be glad to hear that I am getting on so nicely and I trust you are continuing to improve and that Miss Britton and Mary keep you well supplied with good nourishing food in some form or other. Trust too that the next mail will bring good news of the recovery of the sick ones in Bristol. God even our Father comfort your heart and mind with the everlasting consolations of His love and grace and with much love to you my darling wife believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

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