United States, Canada

September 17th, 1898

St John, New Brunswick. Saturday Evening

My Beloved Angee,

I am kept here over Lord's day rather against my will but the business detained me and of course I am glad to have a Lord's day with the dear saints here – Wednesday & Thursday we had readings, or rather the gospel on Thursday to a good room full and yesterday was a time of refreshing together and we look for a good day tomorrow. The business has been very good for all my firms which you know cheers me – have had nothing but the greatest kindness from all I had to do with.

One of the gentlemen at the table this evening asked me if I am going to church tomorrow – he is a lawyer – I replied that I was going to church but not perhaps in the sense in which you have in your mind, so he wanted to know what I meant and I told him and that God willing I intended to speak in the evening – he asked where and at what time and said we shall all come referring to others at the table – I have also invited some of my customers.

Have been packing up all this evening as I purpose leaving early on Monday morning by steamer crossing the Bay of Funday[sic] and then taking train from a place called Digby to Halifax. There is a house at Halifax similar to the one I am now lodging in – the daughter of the lady keeping it is here on a visit who said they would be glad to have me to stay, so I shall see what it is like – this has been exceedingly quiet and comfortable and more to my taste than any Hotel. I think I have never had my samples and baggage generally in more convenient shape than their present form – my large box holds five small cases exactly and altogether it seems to give me much less trouble than formerly – I hope to receive your next mail at Halifax and trust there will be good tidings from your dear self and our dear children especially those who had been sick – good night my beloved wife. The gracious Lord comfort you is my constant prayer.

Lord's day. 6 pm.

The morning meeting was a happy one – a deaf and dumb sister came nearly a hundred miles desiring to remember the Lord, also a labouring brother who is also deaf and dumb and goes all about the country finding out those similarly afflicted to preach the gospel to them – the sister has been converted for 19 years and now for the first time has gathered to the Lord's name. A large room over the one we occupied was filled with a company of Jews who have just taken the place – the noise they made was dreadful – they were keeping one of their great feasts – I wondered what the noise was and thought that there must be a lot of people with roller skates. This afternoon I have had a nice time in addressing the children and we expect a good room full this evening – I am closing my letter before I go so as to make sure of its getting to New York in time. Now with much love my dearest Angee and trusting you are proving the Lord's goodness and care day by day believe me ever your affectionate Husband.

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