United States, Canada

September 11th, 1898

Portland, Maine

My Beloved Angee,

Your dear letter of the 2nd is just to hand (Lord's day 3 pm) and I am indeed very thankful that you were able to write me. The Lord in His mercy grant that the cough which has so troubled you may soon cease to do so. We both know from experience how they cling to us but as they have yielded before we may hope yours will soon yield again. I was glad to hear that Emma & Eliza had been up to see you. You appear from Miss Britton's note to have sent off the code word "Doctrina" all right on Friday so that the word should have been in New York on Saturday morning but there was a delay somewhere.

What a marvellous change in the weather in a few days – now it is clear, bright & cold. I left New York on Thursday evening at 5 for this place by an American steamer with berths all built in the deck – a large cabin with a large bed was given to me and the sole use of it but comforts greater than this were given me at the Fifth Avenue and yet the intense heat prevented my getting  a scrap of comfort out of it. On board the steamer however it was cooler and the water the whole way (about 26 hours) was like a sea of glass it was so smooth. This was a real help to me for I was properly run down and no mistake and have not yet recovered the effect of being in the New York furnace great drowsiness especially – not caring even to read. This is a very nice residential place with a population of 50,000 – in the large bay there are hundreds of small islands many of which are inhabited – such pretty little villas dotted about near the shores. The leading merchant[sic] were kind to me on my last visit and gave me a good order for P.F.&Co.  – on calling upon them again y'day it was pleasant to be remembered and they promised to come back to the hotel in the morning to see all my samples. I was hoping to have reached St John by today as there is a large meeting there but here there is none which is a loss for one and makes the soul to exercise its faith in the unseen One at God's right hand above and to draw refreshment from thoughts of His Love who gave Himself for us. Am very sorry to hear poor Arundel has such a sick house and is himself so poorly – trust they will soon be restored – it was not a very wise thing to do to get up from a bed of sickness to go out on some urgent business because no other competent person was in the Office. Perhaps you had better send him a cheque for a few pounds to buy some nourishing.

Monday Sept. 14

My Beloved Angee – I have had a busy time of it since 6 O'Clock this morning in opening and packing up my samples again and now ready for another steamer trip to St. John. I have been much cheered by receiving a splendid order for P.F.&Co. from the people who have shewn such kindness to me before – I have sold for direct shipment from London and I know how they will be pleased to receive the indent – fell in with a bright company of the Lord's people last night among the Methodists who were having an irregular service leaving it open for anyone to speak – I related the little story of my of my Singapore friend – the young man I met on board a steamer in Australia who told me why he left Buddhism – the people enjoyed it very much and were thankful to have had the word.

I must commend you to the good shepherd's love and care and with much love to you my darling Angee and trusting to receive good reports of your progress toward recovery believe me ever.

Your very affectionate Husband

Kind regards to Miss Britten & thanks for her letter.

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