United States, Canada

September 8th, 1898

Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York

My Beloved Angee,

As I am not sure of reaching Portland tomorrow evening in time for the mail I will write you before leaving. In the mercy of God this fearful hot wave as they call it was broken y'day afternoon and the relief speedily felt was as life from the dead. I had just left our office and was in a cable car, all open for the sake of any cool air that was to be had when very suddenly a black cloud just like we had at Taunton the morning of the storm and a tornado of wind and rain burst upon New York – for the moment we expected the car would be blown away, the force of the wind was so terrific and the dust blinding -  as soon as it was safe to move I changed from an open to a closed car and returned to my hotel as quickly as possible. You will see by the paper sent you by same mail the devastation it carried in its train. I have never in my life passed through such an experience as since the day I landed when there were 61 deaths from the heat beside prostrations – no sleep and eating was out of the question for the greater part of the time so that you may judge what a relief it was for everybody last night to find the glass had dropped 20 degrees in about 2 hours thus giving opportunity for sleep. This morning I was able to eat some breakfast and thro' mercy am feeling much relieved.

This afternoon I purpose going on board a steamer for Portland which occupies about 24 or 26 hours – we go around the Atlantic Coast some distance North of Boston and I do hope the weather will not be so oppressive in those quarters. My letter is all about my troubles and I assure you I consider I have been preserved and brought through one of the greatest perils I have ever known in my life. What causes such unusual oppression and has caused so many deaths is the great humidity in the air. Well I am glad to think of you my dear Angee as out of such troubles as these and I do trust enjoying all the mercies surrounding you and still gaining strength – your letter due here on Saturday will be sent on to me at St John, New Brunswick unless I stay over at Portland for the Lord's day.

Well my beloved wife my heart's desire and prayer continually is that divine consolations and comforts may be abundantly ministered to you and that continually and for our dear children and their households and now with much love believe me.

Ever your affectionate Husband

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