United States, Canada

September 6th, 1898

Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York

My Beloved Angee,

I sent you a cable with the word "well" the moment I landed from ship but was greatly disappointed in not getting the expected one with the word I hoped for "Doctzona" – Mr Sarl made many enquiries of the leading companies but none of them had received the message so that on Sunday evening I sent one to you and received the reply before breakfast on Monday morning and God only knows what a relief the word "well" brought to me – about Monday at noon the one expected from P.F.&Co. on Saturday morning arrived with the word "Doctrona" which I knew would mean the good news and this morning Mr Sarl has received a duplicate of this from the cable company again – I expect you will have seen in the papers what we have been passing through here and not yet out of the fire – for several days last week they had an extraordinary heat wave the temperature being as high as 107 in the shade – it was 100 the day we landed and to be kept in a close dock for 3 hours was the greatest pain and misery I ever experienced in my life – it continued night and day from Saturday to Tuesday and there is a little breeze this morning which affords some measure of relief. I did not leave my room for 3 days except to put on for half an hour twice a day the thinnest of clothing I had to get a little food – I send you a Monday's paper that you may see some of the details.

I really do not know what I should have done without the 2 pairs of pyjamas Mr Daws made me which certainly are the best I have ever had and are not so irritating to the skin as the others. The trade were all announcing their Winter things so that the heat has nearly emptied the place. D.V. I go to Portland by direct steamer from here on Thursday and shall be thankful indeed to get into a cooler land once more. God be praised my dearest Angee for His great mercy to you and to me in raising you up again from the sickness and I do trust that you will continue to take all the nice nourishing things which I know are always at hand.

With much love believe me my darling wife ever your affectionate Husband.

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