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November 21st, 1897


My Beloved Angee,

Since posting a letter to you this morning I have received three from you from New York dated 22, 29 & Nov. 4 enclosing the group and a letter from dear Angie – all of which bows my heart again in thanksgiving to God ever our Father whose love and care has watched over you & preserved you in health – very glad to hear of the dear boys too and that Harry's knee is better but am sorry to hear that the Wares have not yet made Arundel the advance I understood they had promised – I wish they were ashamed of it but they either have no conscience to feel ashamed or else they live entirely above all such considerations as mouths to be filled – backs to be covered and feet to be shod – it is really too bad of them but there is that word "Your Father knoweth that you have need of these things" – dear fellow it is a sorrow however to our hearts that he is so unjustly treated.

We have had a happy day and a surprise day for me. Last night one of the dear brethren here came to me about 7 & said that he and the other brother had taken a small hall here for a meeting to believers in the afternoon and the gospel in the evening – I did not desire it but they pressed it – there was no time to make it known & I went with my beloved Fritz (the German who came up for a reading this morning and lunched with me) to the hall in the afternoon at 3 not expecting any but the two brothers and their families when to my surprise there were 50 or 60 present – mostly the Lord's people from the sects and others & we had a refreshing time from the 2nd epistle to the Thessalonians – I returned to tea with one of the brothers and we have had a good company again this evening and some entreaties after to spend a few days more. The Hall is a public place for teaching music – the master to whom I was introduced in the evening was from Exeter and a son of Finch the solicitor at Barnstaple (Chanter & Finch) was recently filling the post of librarian in the same institute but is now gone to Southern California. The "Warrimoo" leaves again tonight for Australia and the Lieut. Went down to say Good Bye to some of the officers after the meeting – I was glad to return to the hotel and to find your welcome letters – I shall not be sorry if you stay in London until my return. I will address letters to Barnstaple in case you do return as Clara will soon forward them if necessary – very thankful our neighbours are pleased with the house. Am glad Emma has heard from her sister – I will drop her a line now but my track will be too far North to see her. Much love once more to my beloved boys, their beloved wives & children & to you my beloved Angee & hoping in the mercy and goodness of God soon to see your dear face believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

Now for bed

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