South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Canada, USA

November 21st, 1897

Vancouver, British Colombia

My Beloved Angee,

I did not expect to be here today when I last wrote you but in consequence of the washing away of a bridge on the C.P.R. line all traffic has been suspended for nearly 3 days. There had been heavy floods and a storm around the Pacific Coast for a few days just as I had hoped to get away when tidings came that all trains were cancelled. Last night (Saturday) a train left at 10.30 and passengers would have to transfer at the dangerous point and walk some distance – I did not much care for this so decided to wait until Monday midday (tomorrow) when the bridge would be rebuilt and no transfer needed. There are two brothers here with their wives and children and we came together at one of their houses on Friday night for a reading which was a great comfort to them as they seldom see any brethren from other parts – the Lieut. has been with me every evening and comes without invitation always glad to read the Scriptures – he came with me to the brother's house and quite enjoyed it and we all enjoyed to hear the dear fellow open his mouth in prayer and thanksgiving with much child-like simplicity but carrying conviction of the reality of it from his heart to our hearts. He brought a nice Bible y'day and brought it here last night wishing me to write something in it. Today we are purposing to have meetings afternoon & evening in a small Hall and trust the Lord may give blessing.

What a terrible fire you have had in London[1] – it must have been an appalling sight – it is not like the London firemen to be so behind as they appear to have been after the alarm was given and before they were ready – it will make the builders quite busy to erect so many houses again. I shall hope to reach New York by about Dec. 1 and D.V. leave there on the 4th by Cunard boat for Liverpool – this letter will probably reach you on Dec. 6 or 4th if you are in London the same day I shall hope to be leaving New York. How thankful I shall be to see all your dear faces once more and to be at home in my own little cottage. Shall have a taste of the arctic regions to some extent in travelling over this continent which is now all covered with snow and about 20 degrees of frost – a great change from what I have recently had. The scenery around here is very grand – hills covered with snow and stately fir trees by the thousand – it is quite a busy place and will be move so as the Klondike season commences in the early months of the year. People have all got Klondike on the brain here and at Victoria. Trust you are keeping well and with much love & to our dear children & grandchildren and any enquiring friends. Believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband


[1] 19th November 1897 - see further here.

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