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November 22nd, 1897

Vancouver. Monday Morning.

Thro' mercy have had a good night's rest - it is a beautiful bright morning and am glad to hear that yesterday's train went through, so infer that the bridge is finished – hope to start at 2 this afternoon. What has happened that Mr Roberts and Sir W.W. have been overtaken with such a calamity – I fear it must be the result of some gambling business, but I hope Mrs Brittan may have been misinformed – am very thankful to hear that you are so comfortable at 92 Stormont Road – can quite understand how pleased they are to have Granny with them and it is a pleasure to you I know as also to me that this is a little help to them. The genuineness of Clara's love to us is shewn in that she can rejoice in the lady being so well and comfortable next door and so that master is likely to have a good tenant. Well done Clara – it is good to have such persons near you. Am thankful dear Rosie is so comfortable and that you have been over to see her in the little mansion – I wish you would buy her some little present for me – you will know what to give better than I should. If you are in London I shall D.V. go straight to Euston from L'Pool on arrival of the boat by the special they put on and on arrival take a small bus with my baggage direct to Harry's – but I hope you will not come if it is cold or foggy or wet to run the risk of taking cold – if we get in on Saturday as I hope will wire Harry on arrival and let him know about the time of our arrival in London and if convenient perhaps he may come to meet me – shall be glad to see all the house, but if weather is bad the tender plants had better keep in the warm – God Bless you my beloved Angee.

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