January 8th, 1895

Grosvenor Hotel, Westland Row, Dublin

My Beloved Angee,

Your daily letters have commenced again and I am glad of it because it is some little comfort to receive a line from each other every morning. Am very sorry poor Harry is again in trouble with his foot – how is it he lets it go so long – I felt a little too much pressure on one of my big toes yesterday and this morning cut off the toe of the sock I had put in the boot and this gives the toe more room so that today it has been quite comfortable. It is a day too! Heavy fall of snow this morning up to 10.30 and a little fall at intervals since so that it has been about as unpleasant for moving as it possibly could be – I have had a cab and made a few calls but only taken one order for the day – spent a pleasant time last evening with the elderly sister and her daughter living next door to the room and it was not far to go to the prayer meeting after tea. This evening I go to Dr Evan's who has invited a few others – on Thursday I have promised to go down to Mr Hennessey's.

Arundel must have found it rather lonely without Mrs Folie[?] - you did not say if Geo. Ware agreed to raise the salary perhaps he will have to consult his brother first. Sorry to hear that you had been feeling poorly too - I have slept well again for the last two nights and am feeling all right again now only I should be happier in my mind if I could do more business. I must own to having very uncomfortable feelings about P.F.&Co. and their business and can only hope it is brighter in other parts than here and some other places I know.

Give my kind love to Harry and Emma and all the dear girls and Margie and with much to your dear self – believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

As before

Have been very comfortable at this hotel this time because they keep a nice fire in the large sitting room where I can sit down at any time.

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