January 6th, 1895

Grosvenor Hotel, Westland Row, Dublin

My Beloved Angee,

I was quite expecting a letter from you this morning but one came from dear Mildred instead – I was afraid when first reading her note that you had had a tumble down the stairs but on looking again found that it was Grandma Hardy and am thankful she was not seriously injured – it must have been a very nasty fall and at our time of life there is not so much spring in the poor body to recover from its effects – my cold has been a little troublesome and I have not quite got over the upset on board the steamer and have not had my usual good sleep at nights. Woke up one morning with one of those dreadful headaches and was very sick again but not a good one this time as there was nothing but wind in my stomach, however I lay down again after a cup of tea it soon passed off.

It was very cold on Friday night but was thankful to find it warmer on Saturday altho' there had been some snow and sleet falling and it was a miserable day – I had planned to make a few calls in the morning and stayed in the drawing room here by a nice fire all the rest of the day – am feeling a little better this morning and it is fine and dry and not very cold – Dr Evans has kindly invited me to drive with him which I purpose to do.

I hear that Mr Mackintosh is very ill – he was staying at Miss Evans's at Cheltenham and fell down one day in a general collapse of all vital power – he must be over 80. The Lord The Righteous Judge will reward His dear servant in that day for all his work of faith labour of love and patience of hope.

Trust you are keeping well and now with much love to yourself and all the dear children believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

Same Address

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