January 11th, 1895

Grosvenor Hotel, Westland Row, Dublin

My Beloved Angee,

I got on nicely at Enniscorthy on Thursday evening – a very comfortable hotel and a good bedroom and fine orders – the customers there remember my former visit and gave a kindly greeting. The whole country was covered in snow and the cold was intense and required great caution in walking about the frozen streets. I left there again soon after 1 midday so did not get any dinner as I had rather a late breakfast so before leaving for my return to Dublin I had a good basin of kidney soup and a plenty of bread – took nothing to drink. I was in a nice comfortable second class carriage but soon began to feel cold about my feet and body and by the time I reached Dublin was both very cold and very hungry – this was 4.30 and I had promised to meet young Hennessy at the station at 5.30 and to return home with him to tea so feeling that I wanted something and not having time for a meal had a cup of coffee with a little brandy and a couple of sandwiches -  had wash – wrote my letters and met my friend in time – spent a very pleasant time with Mr Hennessy and his family and got back here again soon after 10. Something had disagreed with me and my innards were all out of order and continued so until about 3 this morning. Today I am a prisoner indoors fearing to go far away but I hope the storm is over – had a plain breakfast in bed and have had a nice simple dinner so that you will see there is not much the matter – I have had many odd experiences in my life but I never had such a peculiar one as last night.

Glad to hear Harry is better and able to get downstairs again – trust he will not be further troubled with the poor foot. My coat has arrived but have not yet tried it on. Am thankful the snow is going away and that it is now much milder again – the cold I expect got inside me on an empty stomach and caused the temporary derangement. Hope you may soon get a little sunshine again in London after the fog and darkness. You will be interested to read the enclosed paper – it is making a great stir among the open brethren. The writer is with Mr Kelly – went out in the Ramsgate division – it is not unremarkable that it should come out after all these years and the many disclaimers they have made that the evil may [be] judged. It is very much like Ravenism. Another instance of where very gifted teachers sometimes get. It is singular that in the whole history of the orphanage it has never been in debt until just recently and it is said they now owe about £3,000.

Glad to have such helps at home now that poor Harriett has been so unwell. Give my love to Harry and Emma and Angee, Daisy, Mildred and Margie and with much to your dear self believe me,

Being very affectionate Husband

Hilda's letter is amusing – her only boy is a character.

If I feel better tomorrow I may go on to Belfast, if not shall remain here until Monday morning. Address me on Sunday from London: Avenue Hotel, Belfast.

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