November 20th, 1894

Williams' Hotel, Dundalk

My Beloved Angee,

I have returned again from Drogheda and another day's work is finished am thankful to say – a customer here this morning the best trade in the town gave me an order over 250 cakes of various sorts beside biscuits – the first line was 108 Baltic cakes each weighing 3lbs – that was a good line, was it not. Tomorrow I leave  here at 9 for Enniskillen so you see I keep moving.

I enclose you a few lines from dear Mr Annett this morning – have had others from him before seeing him – is he not a beautiful writer altho' his Quaker style seems peculiar to us. He has such a nice house and a meeting room he has not long built at his own cost (£200) adjoining. He employs a great many people all around the country who work with the hand looms in their houses and make very fine linen.

I never knew a man among brethren with a more simple child-like spirit and very devoted to the Lord. It was very touching to see him when in his own house on Sunday often drop his head and weep – they all seem attached to this dear one who is lying so low.

Am glad it is colder this evening and more seasonable – this morning it was quite warm. Well good night my beloved and with much love to your dear self and all the little and big cherubs believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

Return address: Glenville Arms, Mullingar, Ireland

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