November 21st, 1894

Royal Hotel, Enniskillen

My Beloved Angee,

Your letter is to hand in due course dated 20th so that it is not many hours after it left your hand before it was in mine. We had a beautiful morning and I enjoyed the first part of the day calling at a nice little town called Clones – 40 miles from Dundalk and 25 from here – we had one a/c and I opened two fresh ones but on reaching this place it rained heavily and has continued nearly ever since. I certainly have had a pretty good seasoning with wet weather and muddy roads, but with my good thick boots I go through it and tucked up trousers.

We had a good dinner here and I have a nice bedroom – I seldom go outside the door after 5 or 6 in the evening – my next town in Sligo – 49 miles away to the West – the trains are so very convenient in the morning – the first at 7 the next at 1.30pm – I hear it is what they call a mixed train partly goods and takes about 3 hours so it is a bright prospect for a good day's trade tomorrow as I have not quite finished this place I do not intend leaving by the first. It must have been a wrench for dear Florence to have parted from her lover – there certainly is no room to doubt that her love is for the man and we will hope that his is not less true toward her.

You must not be anxious about me because I am in my usual health and am not overdoing it – indeed it is less irksome to me now than when I commenced it – I should much prefer being home but as you say perhaps it is for the best. I still feel however that the time for retiring from this sort of work is near. I am a marvel to myself that I can work as I do at my time of life.

Well my dear Angee adieu once more – much love to all the dear ones at No. 8 and multiples to your dear self and believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

Grenville Arms. Mullingar, Ireland for you to post on Friday.

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