November 19th, 1894

Williams Hotel, Dundalk – same as Queens Hotel

My Beloved Angee,

I was expecting a letter from you at this place but none has yet arrived, nor have I heard from P.F. as expected and had to wire them because I was requiring further cash sheets tomorrow. Wet continues with us in this country – the people call it "soft" and a very good name for it I think.

Have been to Armagh today where we had a fair customer but I could not see him as he is very ill – called on others some of whom complained that they had been neglected. In travelling down here this afternoon a young Roman Catholic priest or who is to be made one in a few months was in the carriage and I had a nice conversation with him – he is a native of Armagh but has been in Italy or Rome some time and I found him very intelligent in the word. Well he listened with much interest to the simple gospel and said he was sorry when I had to leave the carriage. If the truth he heard gets into his soul and is believed it will surely deliver him from the system he is in and God is able to plant it. I felt much interested in him – he was really a dear fellow so far as one could judge and I was amazed at his knowledge of the Scriptures. I am getting down near Dublin again but after doing my business in Drogheda I turn to go toward the West i.e. Galway and after next week shall D.V. be getting down to the South. The people about these parts all remember me – they do not change servant much either at the shops or the hotels.

Received a letter from Arundel this afternoon – he had a sharp bilious attack and pain in his bowels last week but is now better – he says the dear children are all fairly well.

The weather is mild again – a little colder will be more refreshing. Trust you are keeping very well as this is the latest report I have of your health through Harry & Arundel – God bless you all and believe me my beloved Angee.

Your very affectionate Husband

Return address Victoria Hotel, Sligo, Ireland

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