November 18th, 1894

Imperial Hotel, Portadown. Lord's day evening 10.15

My Beloved Angee,

I have just returned from Riverside where my heart has been greatly refreshed in the fellowship of the saints there and with dear Mr Annett and his family and the church which is in his house. The morning was very wet and the covered car I had ordered carried is there sheltered from the rain – the sister I had called upon last night Mrs McKinley and her son a lad of 15 went with me – she usually walks the journey every Lord's day morning – the distance is 3 Irish miles which is about equal to 5 English miles. There are about 15 breaking bread and it was a happy time indeed – in the afternoon they have a Sunday school and I went in with them and a reading in Mr Annett's house this evening with a room full – we had a good time and the sheep had a good feeding time and the wider shepherds enjoyed seeing them feed. It has been indeed as you thought it would be a day of cheer for me – their hospitality too abounded at the same time dear Mr Annett wife and two daughters are passing through a time of deep sorrow. A young lady who has been living with them as a governess for the last ten years is dying of consumption in the house – she is really beloved by them all and many a tear has fallen from their eyes today – I remember her two years ago very well and she is a daughter of the Mrs Hicks in Belfast that I spent a Lord's day evening with a fortnight ago and her brother the young medical student is also  at the house and a younger sister of the dear one who is passing away who is a trained hospital nurse is also with her – she is not expected to live long – not many days probably, but I hear she is very peaceful and happy and longing to be with the Lord. I did not see her as she sleeps a good deal but it was very lovely to see dear Mr Annett often holding down his head and weeping and it reminded one of those words spoken by the Jews when they saw Jesus weeping – "Behold how He loved him".

Well my beloved Angee I trust you have had a happy day too – the Lord abundantly bless and comfort you – I hope this will reach you tomorrow night. D.V. I go to Armagh in the morning and shall probably sleep in Drogheda tomorrow night and reach Dundalk on Tuesday morning – I intended getting there tomorrow Monday morning but find it is market day tomorrow so go to another town first.

Much love to you all once more and believe me my dearest wife.

Your very affectionate Husband.
Good night my dear.

Address your posting on Tuesday, Royal Hotel, Enniskillen, Ireland

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