November 17th, 1894

Queens Hotel, Dundalk, Ireland

My Beloved Angee,

Saturday evening has come round once more closing in another week's mercies which have been made to abound I am sure in my path giving me power when faint – lifting up when cast down – cheer amid discouragements like that which God alone can give and we can lift our hearts together in thanksgiving for all his faithfulness – goodness and mercy over each other and our dear children – Moses' hands needed the support of Aaron & Hur to uphold them during the conflict of the people with Amalek and when his hands were down Amalek prevailed and when up Israel prevailed. How blessed for us that our leader and Saviour does not need any support for His hands uplifted in blessing – they are sustained by what He is in Himself and that mighty work which He has accomplished and so it is written "It is Christ that died yea Rather that is risen again who is even at the right hand of God who also maketh intercession for us."

Have been to a place called Banbridge today and had pretty good success only it was rather a bad day for the traders and has been wet and stormy again from the beginning to the end of it. Since my return and a nice tea – a baked herring and a couple of eggs much enjoyed, I have called upon a sister residing here and spent about half an hour with her – I saw a little of her two years ago so that we were not strangers to each other. Tomorrow she and the young Mr Hicks from Belfast – who is coming down to spend the day with Mr Annett at Riverside will ride out there with me – it is 3 miles from here. Mr Annett kindly invited me to come out this evening and stay until Monday but I shall feel more comfortable to sleep at the hotel where I have a nice bed and all my baggage at hand. Your letter of yesterday was here waiting for me this afternoon – I have got the unbroken series for the week now – you are quite an expert correspondent I am sure and if you can't get on with the rough paper buy some smooth – I rather like the rough. The time is passing away – this makes 3 weeks' work in Ireland – have sent them 64 orders altogether so there is something to show for the labour – quite one half are new a/c's and a/c's re-opened that have been closed for years – it is nearly all for the highest class of goods too.

I see that Reading is seriously flooded and all the Thames Valley between Windsor, Staines and Reading – H&P's place was flooded according to one paper and 6 thousand people out of work in Reading altogether. Give my kind love to dear Emma and Harry, Margie and the dear children Angie and Hilda, Florence if she is with you and much for your own dear self and believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband.

How do you stand for finances? I hope you are having some thaw every day

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