November 16th, 1894

Queens Hotel, Dundalk, Ireland

My Beloved Angee,

I have received three letters from your dear hand today so that it has been a great day – I sent a hasty note from Newry acknowledging two of them and the third is here for me on my return after a good day's work – by far the best I have yet had any day I have been in Ireland – two of the best people in Newry have given me orders today and very good ones too – on my previous visit here I did well and many of them remembered me and were kind in their greetings – one firm I well remembered the oldest in the town who distinctly remembered George Newmans calling upon them at the time our business was commenced and he did not get an order because they did not like him – they have a splendid trade and do with H & P and Carrs. Today I called again and had a nice chat but any business was out of the question and I told them that I had called because of the pleasant remembrance of my call two years ago and bid them adew – after finishing my business and was just resting in the hotel waiting about half an hour for my train here this gentleman walked into the commercial room and beckoned me with his finger which I quickly responded to asking me if I had any samples – I very quickly cleared a table and opened out my show – he made a selection and gave me a nice opening order and said a few complimentary things you would not like to hear so it has been a little sunshine after the storm. I am quite sure there was no town on my ground in England where I could have taken ten such orders.

I am glad of the letter you enclose and send it to Toller & Roberts – I certainly shall not let Mr F. off his engagement with the lease – I hope Harry will soon get rid of this cough –he must have had a rough time of it – I am sure – I have been thankful to have my thick boots and my old clothes with trousers tucked up – I had dropped Bale a line and expect he must have redeemed it after writing the one you enclosed – well I am glad it did not get up to the bed rooms.

Thank Florence for her kind remembrances to me from time to time and please give her my very kind love. She will be able to tell her friends in Truro what hard working labouring men Harry and his father are.

Am sorry to hear such a poor report of dear Martha – it does seem like a loss of recuperative power – she felt dear Mary's death very deeply – if you are equal to it you might drop her a line, but I tax you pretty heavily in this respect I fear – well I shall not get to roost – very  very thankful for the mercies that have so abounded thro' the day and commending you once more and all our dear ones to God and His care with much love to you  and all of them believe me my beloved Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

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