November 3rd, 1894

Avenue Hotel, Belfast

My Beloved Angee,

I was very glad to hear from your dear letter received today that you were feeling better than when I left – thank the Lord for this mercy well the week is now ended and it is Saturday evening and I have been balancing up and putting my papers straight for the last hour and now I wish I had wings and could fly away until Monday morning, but as these appendages are not yet invented for poor travellers I must rest and be thankful where I am. There is a post at 7 this evening which will be delivered in London on Monday morning I find so I will not miss that and cause you the disappointment. It has been a terrible tug I assure you this week and the continuous wet has not helped me much in any way – have taken 23 orders for the week but it has been 23 battles to get them. P.F. will find my expenses a different tune to what they have been – it has been a little extra heavy to begin with – however I shall have all the comforts that are going in this country. The weather keeps wonderfully mild, shall be glad when it gets a little colder – I have yet several towns around here to work and shall hardly get away until Wednesday or Thursday – shall work out and return here at night.

I wrote Angie & Harry and sent Hilda a little toy and thought would amuse her if it arrived safely which I rather doubt – well I will now conclude and do commend you to our Father's love and care my dearest Angee with heartfelt thanks for His mercy and goodness over us all – much love to all the dear ones and yourself and believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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