November 4th, 1894

Avenue Hotel, Belfast

My Beloved Angee,

We have no delivery of letters here this morning so have not had the usual pleasure of a line from you but trust you are well and enjoying a day of great peace as thro' mercy I am on this side of the United Kingdom. After writing you last night I called upon a brother in the Lord whose name was given to me by Dr Burkett of Dublin – he is a medical student and with his mother are standing apart from the Raven meeting in this place. I spent a very pleasant hour with them and purpose going up to tea this afternoon and having a reading together in the evening – he suggested going down to a place called Riverside about 25 miles from here by an early train this morning at 8.30 and walking 3 miles to the brother's house – spending the day there and returning here again in the evening, but I told him I could not undertake it and needed the rest. We have had a fine day thus far and it was very pleasant out this morning and I have enjoyed the quietness and the reading very much – You know just where to picture me in this hotel – I fancy the service of food and attention is better than when we were here 2 years ago – the house is very quiet today and the streets are not quite so noisy.

I expect you are all quiet enough at home – it must seem a little strange to you to have me away after being at home so much lately and sometimes I feel that I am gone abroad again – it is some comfort to know that we are not more than 12 hours apart.

Please remember me kindly to Mr & Mrs Baggs when you see them also to dear Jones who sent me such a nice hearty note of commendation to Dublin – they did not however require any so no one but myself has seen it.

Give my kind love to dear Harry & Emma, Angie & Hilda, Margie & Florence and you can tell Harriett that I cannot get the girl here to bring me a cup of tea so punctually as she does – she kept me until near 8.30 this morning and I was waiting first at 7.30 and now my beloved wife God Bless you once more and with much love to you all believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband.

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