November 1st, 1894

Avenue Hotel, Belfast

My Beloved Angee,

The mail closes about the middle of the day as you may remember and it is always a rush after dinner to get through the writing so thought now that the day's work is over I would write a few lines more to make up for the short allowance I have been giving you for a day or two past. I get in generally from 5 to 6 every evening tired enough I assure you – I get a wash up and a little change of clothing and then get a nice tea which I greatly enjoy after which I sit quietly in the drawing room and do not go outside the door again for the evening. Sometimes others in the drawing room are very pleasant and we have a nice chat. The food is very good and I enjoy the 3 meals every day and have a very comfortable bed room. Postal arrangements too are good and that is not the least of the daily mercies to be able to hear from each other every 24 hours. I wrote Arundel yesterday and today – heard from him today and was sorry to find that it was necessary to keep dear Mildred in bed because of her cough. I hope she will soon get stronger. The work in Belfast will occupy me for the week and I am much encouraged with the result so far – several firms who have not done anything with us for a long time have given orders but I have never I think in all my experience had such a tough job. Pat is a strange compound without a doubt.

Nov. 2nd 1894

Your loving letter to hand as regular as the day – you see that I wrote a little last night and I am glad of it as now it is rush as usual. Sorry to hear Florence had a bad throat and hope it will soon pass – it has been a dreadful week of weather but today is fine and warm –too warm to be seasonable – well here I am still among the ruins of our trade and not finished yet and shall hardly get any until Tuesday I expect. Received a letter from Harry this morning and was glad to hear from him. Still get a little encouragement but I am not going to break my back over it. And now my dearest Angee God bless you once more and with much love to yourself and all our dear ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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