Gibraltar, India, Malta

January 18th, 1890


My Beloved Angee,

My letters at Lahore this week I hope to get in the morning on arrival at Sukkur for which place I start this evening and where I am hoping to spend the day (Lord's day) with dear Mr Harrison who resides there and I shall probably leave in the evening for Zuetta. We left Lahore last Tuesday morning at 7 and after 36 hours travelling arrived safely at Karachi; nearly 900 miles. One other gentleman connected with the survey department left Lahore in the same carriage with me and we soon got into conversation. When challenged as to his knowledge of the Lord Jesus he owned in a beautiful contrite spirit that once he rejoiced in the knowledge of that Saviour, but that his faith and experience had not been a happy one so that for many years he had lost the joy he once knew. He spoke too of a word in Romans VII saying that when he would do good evil was present. He seemed very thankful for the conversation we had together and for some little books I gave him. In the evening he unrolled his bed and lay down a little before I did – we also had a native in the carriage. After Lazarus had arranged my bed I knelt down for a little prayer and on rising found my friend also upon his knees and thus he had been provoked unto love and good works. He had reached his destination before day break the next morning and on leaving gave a very hearty greeting or rather a parting shake hands and I doubt not he had heard the Lord's voice again in restoring power and grace.

During the travel on the first day we had a soldier whose duty it was to visit all the railway stations instructing every servant in a soldier's exercise – it appears the government compel them to enter a volunteer service. With this man I had a nice conversation and he was much interested and received some little gospel books with thankfulness. He had evidently known some exercise too and could not be classed either with despisers or rejectors of that great salvation, nor do I think he was a neglector either – naturally a bold sturdy fellow who had seen some active service but when it was a question of confessing Christ, he was timid and weak – the result of looking for good where it never can be found and not seeing it in another in all its perfection and this one even our Lord Jesus Christ made unto every believer, and that of God too, wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption. Well it is good thus to sow beside all waters and to be able through grace to speak a word in season along over the weary sandy deserts of this world. Much of the country between Lahore and Karachi is this and the only living things seen are long droves of camels treading the desert with their burdens.

Have had a nice time here with a dear soldier brother in fellowship called Sinclair whom I have previously met here and elsewhere – he comes in after my business is over and we spend an hour or more over the word – Lazarus now joins us and it is beautiful to see how he is grasping and understanding the truth. The business here has been very trying and from some cause or other our goods have not been well received in this place and stocks laid in previous visits are now out of condition and when sold are quickly returned. The place is very damp and this has no doubt helped to turn off the biscuits which are not sufficiently protected by the soft metal covering we have been using, but which I have for some time condemned. In the northern parts of India I heard but very few complaints and there the climate is very dry. However I have to battle with the difficulty and so far have been successful and am sending home seven indents from all the leading merchants. This a mercy of God I am sure for to all human appearances our name was gone in this market and no indent had been sent for a long time. I do hope the young heads of our firm will be wise – my fear is that the fat sometimes used is not of the finest quality and this is sure to work out ruinously in a hot country like India. There is a very literal expenditure of money in many ways, but nothing will ever recover a lost reputation in a business like ours.

Mr Cuiper[?] has left the firm of Fuller & Co. – his brother-in-law  is with him I hear and Mr Cuiper[?] and his wife are not now living here but in a place called Hyderabad some 5 hours rail from here and he returns every Saturday afternoon. He tells me Mrs Cuiper is much better than she was.

Major Jacob has a brother residing here – a Col. Jacob who acts as a Cantonment Magistrate -  called upon him this morning and found his wife was for some time at school at Mr Hakes at Bideford and lived a few years at northern and Westward Ho! She is much younger than Col. J. and is his second wife. They asked me to stay to Tiffin but could not spare the time as I have to leave my letters for next week's mail here for posting.

Am feeling anxious to get my letters tomorrow to hear about dear Harriett. The Lord keep us each and all cleaving to Himself. Our redemption is in Him through His blood even the forgiveness of sins and we are quickened together with Him and this has brought us into a new position altogether before God – Blessed be His Holy name – He has done if because of His great love that delighted thus to have us in the place of children by Jesus Christ to Himself.

The Lord continue all His grace and sustainment to you my dear Angee and to all our dear children and now with much love once more to you and to them and to all our dear friends believe me my dearly beloved wife.

Your very affectionate Husband.

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