Gibraltar, India, Malta

January 19th, 1890


My Beloved Angee,

I do indeed lift my heart in thanksgiving to God for His great mercy in preserving you from all harm in the railway accident – it was a very special mercy for all the passengers that the train did not leave the rails. From the experiences I have had I can quite understand how you must have been alarmed and shaken and the suspense must have been a severe strain upon your nerves. I left my regular weekly letter at Karachi yesterday, but find I shall be in time to post another from here. Dear Mr Homan was at the station to meet me this morning (Lord's day) with his carriage and after calling at the P.O. for my letters drove me to his house where breakfast was waiting – Mrs Homan is a nice lady and they have four dear little girls – the eldest about 10.

There is only himself and wife breaking bread, so we were three this morning and I was thankful to be with them. We expect a few in to his house in the evening at 6 for the gospel and at 7.20 I leave again for Zuetta another 24 hour's ride and I hear the place is all covered with snow so that it will be a little change from the sunshine we get so much of here. Very thankful dear Harriett is still sustained in her weakness and that you were in with them all on Christmas day.

Trust you will not feel any bad effects after the fright – the gracious Lord be praised for His great goodness in preserving you in the midst of such peril and indeed for all the passengers  - much love to dear Harriett and Arundel and all the beloved children – dear Harry and Emma and their beloved ones and once more to your dear self and believe me my beloved Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

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