Gibraltar, India, Malta

January 12th, 1890

Lahore, Lord's day

My Beloved Angee,

Another week has passed and I am once more writing from Lahore having only returned from the extreme northern boundaries of Rawal Pindi and Peshawar at 6.30 this morning. I have had a busy week – travelling 3 nights and a happy one too, the goodness of God abounding every way. There was a nice company of soldier brethren at Rawal Pindi who came down to my bungalow two evenings for a reading – nice simple hearted men the Lord has kept very bright and happy in their love and to whom a visit from a brother is a great cheer. I dare say you will remember my meeting a soldier in a railway carriage at Peshawar on my last visit called Beresford, a conductor in the ordnance department who was converted during our ride to Rawal Pindi – well I found on enquiring for him when there that he was now residing at Attock – a place between Peshawar and R. Pindi, so I wrote to him saying I should be passing by a certain train and to my joy he was there to meet me with beaming face, as bright and happy in the Lord as a new shilling and glad to see me. I gave him a good supply of little books and wished there had been time to stay for a few hours, but could not manage it. God has prospered the business too and this is very solid encouragement because merchants have had experience of our goods now and when indents are repeated it is a pretty good proof that the goods are appreciated. I feel just the same interest in the business as at the start when Eliza used to count up the tins from my order book, indeed it is much greater and now under very different circumstances.

My last English letters were here on my arrival this morning and called forth thanksgiving to God our Father again for the good tidings they brought to my heart. Well done mother why you are getting quite an expert at letter writing and beginning a day or two before the mail day which makes the burden lighter for you and the letter longer for me. Dear Harriett, my heart often turns toward her and continually to God that she may be sustained in the great weakness she is now brought to.

I was surprised this morning on reaching Major Jacob's house to see that he had not gone on his camping expedition as arranged and was surprised and grieved to hear that his dear wife had been very ill with pneumonia since last Sunday which had detained them – they hope the worst has passed and that she is now a little better. I often spoke to her through the time of the conference and felt the work was a little too much for her. I trust she may be raised up again. The sudden changes are very trying and one has need to be careful to keep the body warmly clad to prevent chills. We had a very happy meeting this morning – the native brethren are very simple and hearty – when they take your hand they do not quickly give it up again. I have been made to feel the power of Christian love with these dear people, even though our mouths were shut on account of our understanding each other's languages. In the meetings dear Major Jacob interprets any little word that may be given – we are expecting a full room again this evening at Y.M.C.A. room – there is real interest awakened in the gospel and we trust some may find a present saviour in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jan 13th Monday morning

We had a good meeting again last night and some few have got helped – one gentleman called Christy especially who is a friend of Major Jacob's has been to all the gospel meetings and is I trust in measure rejoicing in the salvation which is in Christ Jesus – has been a professing Christian many years and active too among the sects, but has now heard some things after another order, i.e. God's thoughts instead of man's and he owns that it is all new to him. He is the chief of all the police force in these parts and an extraordinary man in many ways – perfect acquaintance with the language and manners and customs of the natives. On one occasion he disguised himself as a native pedlar and called at his own house and sold his wife some trifling thing. She had not the remotest idea who he was until after making the purchase this wretched pedlar as she thought took a liberty with her and attempted to kiss the lady upon which she screamed out and he then made himself known to her. Yesterday he brought a friend with him with whom I had some conversation after the meeting and he said he was thankful to have heard what he had that night. The majority of the people at the gospel had black faces – educated natives and many professing Christians. What a field for a labourer is this India even among the Europeans and the natives who are now acquainted with our language – may the Lord of the harvest thrust His servants into it to gather precious souls to Himself. I am purposing to visit Karachi and Luetta from here and returning again which indeed I must do in order to commence the journey South. It will take me nearly a fortnight and shall have about two thousand five hundred miles of railway travelling – Lazarus has got a new conversion and is now rejoicing in the knowledge of sins forgiven which he thought could only be known in Heaven, but sees now from his own Testament that word which Major Jacob called his attention to in the first epistle of John "I write unto you little children because your sins are forgiven you for His name's sake". It is really beautiful to see him last night after we came back from the meeting - his black face seemed made white with heavenly joy and peace. He is so thoughtful too in every way. I am made very conscious indeed what a special mercy of God has been granted to me in having such a servant. The weather is just perfection now but the dust lays upon the ground like snow and if the wind blows only a little it is blinding – the light suit of clothes I had is very suitable and warm too and I am very glad to have it – indeed my stock of clothing is as good as I could ever wish and the new flannel shirts are perfection. Through mercy my health is good and my labour a pleasure – trust it is the same with you. I must write Arundel next week in answer to his received by last mail. Very glad to hear Harry has recovered – may God in His mercy preserve you and them and their household treasures is my constant prayer with thanksgiving because He is good and delights that we should rejoice in all that He has revealed of Himself in the person and work of His dear Son our Lord Jesus Christ. Much love to you my beloved wife and all our dear ones and friends and believe me.

Your very affectionate Husband.

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