1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


December 19th, 1886

The Paxton, Omaha

The cablegram goes over the head of the letters as to time, that my location is old news by the date the letters reach you - arrived here from Chicago on Friday night about 8 and after a warm bath was soon in bed and had a refreshing night's rest. Yesterday was busy as usual among the merchants with satisfactory results through the mercy and goodness of God. It is very remarkable how friendly all the people seem and many of them quite pleased to be called upon. One of the best firms here after finishing the business, on a Saturday afternoon too, seemed very desirous of knowing what I intended to do today (the Lord's day) and spoke of their church the Congregational - it seemed quite a delight to them to find I was a Christian and one of them afterwards took me to a gentleman connected with the G.M.C.A with whom I had a nice conversation - he wanted me to preach the gospel this afternoon. I told him if he would not touch my liberty I should be free - D.V I intend going to their room and if free before the Lord may speak a word. This city is something like Kansas City for rapid growth - people seem beside themselves over "real estate" the country around is very fine, have had a nice walk out several miles and given away a lot of tracts and had some very interesting conversations with individuals and groups of men - all seem glad to get the little books only met one who said he "guessed he could save himself" but he afterward promised to read the paper I gave him.

On the journey from Chicago here I had a very interesting time with a Presbyterian Minister especially over Matthew XIII - he seemed much arrested with the truth of the parables and was continually making notes of points that were new to him. I have no doubt he was a child of God and on leaving the car about a hundred miles East of this his greeting was a very hearty one - The Lord had evidently touched his heart. Tomorrow D.V I leave at 8.10 am for Denver arriving there next morning at about same time - the distance is between 5 and 600 miles. At this point, Omaha, I am not quite halfway across the east continent. I get on a little better with the sleeping cars than at first but very much prefer a bed at the hotel. They give you every comfort in their power on the trains and the dining cars are splendidly fitted up so that you can get as good a meal as at a first class hotel - you have to drop in to their grooves as to hours of meals - breakfast from 7 to 8 dinner 12 to 1.30 supper 5 to 6 nothing after, and often times the dining cars are taken on perhaps at 6.30 in the morning and taken off again in an hour or two. We have regular winter weather - snow on every side and streets and roads all frozen very hard - men and women all bundled up with furs like the Arctic regions - both men and women too seem very careful about their ears which are invariably protected with wraps, or covered with seal skin caps, just leaving eyes and nose exposed and that's all.

Lord's Day evening

I went to the meeting this afternoon and having missed the street was a little late and sat down just inside the door - there was a larger company of mostly fine young men. One of the leaders among them came over and asked me to come on the platform which I declined - soon after another came over and I told him as their rules were all strange to me I preferred to be quiet; they would not however let me be in the corner and entreated me to preach the gospel and I was quite free in every way, so I walked up but not on the platform - a fine fellow read the 3 of John and spoke for a few minutes on the word "ye must be born again" and then mentioning my name as from England said I would speak - so I followed on with John 3 dwelling on the other must "the Son of man must be lifted up". The Lord gave me much liberty and I believe God blessed the work to many - a Dr residing in the place a nice gentlemanly man came up and said he was very thankful for the word and he appeared to have some knowledge of the truth - they prayed very sweetly after, for me and for my family and commended me to God and His care in all my travels. Have just called at the Telegraph Office and sent my cable - "San Francisco - well - reply Denver" as I leave here in morning before reply would arrive.

Now with much love to you all once more believe me dearly beloved wife.

Being very affectionate Husband

I shall be very glad to get some letters from you and the dear boys at San Francisco.

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