1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


December 21st, 1886

The Windsor, Denver, Colo.

On arrival here this morning at 7 I called at the P.O. and got your cable "all satisfactory" and then laid down for an hour's rest on my bed. We had a nice ride from Omaha, i.e nice company in the carriage - had a nice conversation with a gentleman I supposed was a minister from the White tie, but I think he was as a man about the very finest specimen I ever saw in this world.

This morning when drawing near to this city he gave me his card and said he would be very glad if would call - "Bishop Warren" was inscribed upon the card - I gave him mine as P.F.Co. representative, not having any other. This evening I called upon my Bishop friend and was introduced to his lady and spent about half an hour or more with them - their house is palatial and no mistake and I hear from a few in the city that he is greatly esteemed in the place and one of their stars. My hope is that he got a little touch with the truth during our conversation at his house - he thought the world was getting better and his evidence for this was the large number of churches he was consecrating continually. I said do you really think so Bishop Warren - he then said well if it was not so why did the Lord allow the earth to go on - I replied that if God had been going to deal with the world according to its works surely He would have finished with it for ever when it crucified His son: The Bishop had to bow to this but I could not but feel that perhaps God had so ordered it that my visit was for just that word.

Through mercy have had much encouragement here again today and sold a splendid lot of goods to two of the leading merchants. The Rocky Mountains can be seen a little from this City and they look very grand - tomorrow D.V. I go over them and shall be able to tell you a little about it in my next from Salt Lake.

Had a very warm letter of greeting from S. Smith here this morning too - I see no prospect of reaching San Francisco until next Tuesday or Wednesday as I am thinking to call at Leadville on my way to Salt Lake and if I do shall not reach the latter place until Saturday, so shall spend my Xmas day in a car.

The Lord preserve and bless you all - shall be very glad to get to bed, so will say goodnight - with much love to you my dearly beloved wife and our dear children and little ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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