1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


December 16th, 1886

The Grand Pacific Hotel, Chicago

My Beloved Angee,

Arrived here yesterday morning from New York and greatly enjoyed the ride by the New York Central and Hudson River Railway - the scenery up the Hudson was very grand - all the country is partly covered with snow and the river partly frozen. The slabs of ice piled up on the shore looked very fine. It is now intensely cold but dry and I quite enjoy it and feel well.

Have been much encouraged here to find the goods I had sold are going very freely and people are delighted with them - one very large firm with whom I opened an a/c have given me another good order this morning. They are very kind to me and have given introductions to best merchants in Omaha, Denver and Salt Lake - expect this latter will be where my Xmas will be spent - rather a strange place indeed, but with the consent of my one wife shall be able to tell you all about them soon. Now leaving for Omaha through the night and hope to reach Denver by Saturday night or Sunday morning and early - am going from Denver by the fine scenery through the Rio Grande. Trust you will have a happy time together I guess you will be saying I might have made it happier if I had been at home - but never mind - God is preserving me in His mercy and it is an experience He is giving me altogether that many a nobleman would envy and I sincerely trust it may be of some permanent benefit to P.F.Co as it will be a lasting pleasure to me. With much love to you all believe me my dearly beloved wife.

Being very affectionate Husband

The Americans feel the cold very much - it is really amusing to see them not only wrapped up about their bodies but their ears and heads - people have looked in amazement at me during the last fortnight for not having on an overcoat - they don't know the inside comfort by body gets from the Jaegers.

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