1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


December 12th, 1886

New York

My Beloved Angee,

Tomorrow evening D.V I propose leaving here for my long ride across this vast country and intend calling at Chicago, Omaha, Denver and Salt Lake for a day or so in each place and probably reaching San Francisco a day or so before Xmas day. So that I hope to be very near if not actually there by the time this reaches you and before I leave there for New Zealand, will endeavour to make out something like a plan of my whereabouts for a month or two at any rate. I see the voyage from San Francisco to New Zealand occupies from Jan 15 to February 3, nearly 6 thousand miles - a long ride is it not? But I am very thankful the Lord has prospered me in the work and so preciously preserved me in every way. I know what a comfort this is to you my dear Angee, that the Lord gives me health and strength and has so helped me in every way. The few months will soon pass and it will be great joy for us all to see each other's faces once more. The weather is much milder again and it will be better for travelling - my ticket will cost about £65 from here to New Zealand. P.F. Co. keep me well supplied with cash and they have promised to attend to my request to remit you at Xmas and Lady day and I have also told them to send Arundel £50 to pay some matters for me. We had a nice meeting here this morning and now going up for the evening - shall close this tomorrow just before leaving

Monday December 13th

The finishing up is taking me a long time - quite expected to get away tonight but could not manage it - have bought my ticket now and start by New York Central in the morning for Chicago - I am rather afraid I shall not reach California by Xmas Day if I stop at a few places between which I should like to do - I have bought an unlimited ticket for San Francisco so that I can stop as long as I like - you shall know please God where I am on Xmas day and it is just possible it may be at Salt Lake, but not if I can help it. The Lord abundantly bless and comfort you my dearly beloved wife and all our dear children and believe me once more.

Being affectionate Husband

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