1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


December 9th, 1886

The Windsor, Fifth Avenue New York

My Beloved Angee,

About an hour after I posted my last letter to you yours with Harry's and your own photo came to hand. Have been filled with sorrow ever since and great perplexity, as if you are unwilling that I should go on to Australia and other parts I must even now decline to do so. We hear there has been a great storm in England and cable communication is interrupted, so I have not yet received your answer to one sent on Tuesday evening. If you express a wish for me to return God knows how gladly I would turn my face toward England again, if on the other hand you are willing for me to go on I shall do so God willing. We have had a lot of snow since last Saturday, with several degrees of frost - it has been very interesting to see the hundreds of handsome sleighs drawn by splendid horses with silver mounted harness and bells and the drivers and occupants dressed up with furs as if we were in Russia. It has been thawing today, so they will soon have to put them away again - the streets are in a terrible mess and it has been a most difficult matter to get about. P.F.Co cabled me on Monday acknowledging my letter in which I requested them to forward you some money £50 at Xmas and same amount at Lady Day and asking me to await the arrival of their letter of Nov 29 which I shall hardly get until Sunday, so shall not leave here as early as I expected, if I go.

Very much wish now for every reason that I had returned home first even if I had continued the journey from England commencing at the Cape, but all travellers I have met say that this will be the best time of the year to do it from San Francisco. All your dear letters received during the last 3 months have been an unmixed joy to my heart and but for the grace of God that has so sustained me in the midst of labours and travels I could not possibly have accomplished it all. The little taste of it last year was nothing compared to what it has been now and God who knows my heart knows well that it is not from love of money that I am doing it, but a desire to serve the Lord and you my beloved wife and our dear children and grandchildren. My confidence is in God that He will not let you be the loser for the sacrifice you have made for a little season - it is a sacrifice too, I am well aware for you especially. It is quite a new experience for me at the same time and not all sunshine by a long way. Sent the dear children Daisy and Angee another printed letter last night as there happened to be a machine here and a person who is glad to earn 10 cents.

10th December

The anxiously expected cable came to hand early this morning and removed a great burden from my heart. I do trust that our gracious Father and God may sustain each of our hearts during this long separation. Have just had a visit from our dear young Mead who returns to England tomorrow it was quite a cheer to greet him – he appears to be quite taken up with Charleston and not much frightened by the earthquakes. Shall probably be leaving for California on Monday.

Now with much love once more to you and all the beloved ones believe me my beloved Angee.

Being affectionate Husband

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