1885 - United States


October 27th, 1885


Have just returned from the office (5pm) where I have been since 10 talking over American matters mostly - the firm are highly pleased with the visit in a business point of view and very thankful for my presentation and the benefit to my health. It seems very probable that America will be added to my ground and that I shall visit it annually for all 2 months - but this must not be spoken of yet. The firm have always been kind to me but I got nearer to them today than I ever did before - well it is all the goodness and mercy of God to us I am sure.

Hope you will soon lose your cough - the wind is very cold here today - I hope I shall be preserved from taking cold as my work will be very heavy now right up to Xmas. Much love to you all and believe me my dearest Angee.

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