1885 - United States


October 7th, 1885

The Grand Paciļ¬c Hotel, Chicago

I left Pittsburgh on Saturday last at mid-day and reached this great city on Sunday morning at 6. You will no doubt have had my letter from Pittsburgh - it was a very pleasant time there as you will imagine after reading the letter. This is an immense place - you can form no idea of it without seeing the place - went out to the stock yards yesterday and saw the process which the poor pigs and bullocks pass through - it is all of a piece and I get bewildered with the magnitude of it all. Called with a gentleman to whom I had a letter of introduction to look over one of the drapery shops here yesterday afternoon it will convey some idea of its magnitude when I tell you that they employ in the wholesale and retail 4 thousand persons and return 30 million dollars that is six millions of our money.

I have opened 2 good a/cs here with the largest and best concerns and hope they may turn out very satisfactory to P.F Co.

Am now leaving for New York, which I expect to reach after about 30 hours travelling and on Saturday morning I expect to sail for home and shall be thankful to see all your dear faces once more - will wire you on arrival at Queenstown - and now with much love to you all once more believe me my dearest Angee.

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